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If You Spot It, You Got It

If You Spot It, You Got It

As part of the Orbital Boot Camp, we have to complete seven assignments. There are some that I’ve already accomplished before embarking on this experience. For example, being a published author and content producer, I’ve had people write about my work. Experience has shown also that I’m quite capable of composing a tweet that garners double-digit retweets and favorites. If I want to raise the bar…

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Fiverr, Freelancers and Interns, Oh My!

Fiverr, Freelancers and Interns, Oh My!


One assignment for the Orbital NYC Boot Camp for which I already have previous experience is hiring someone from a labor marketplace such as ODesk and Elance to do $50 worth of work on my project. My go-to source for finding affordable freelancers for simple tasks has been Fiverr. For the most part, my experience with Fiverr has been great.


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To Sell What You Wish to Serve

To Sell What You Wish to Serve

survey says

Before the Orbital Boot Camp, my approach to creating and implementing this ecourse based on my novel Picture Me Rollin’ would most likely have been as follows:

1. Republish the novel as an ebook.
2. Create all the course content.
3. Recruit paying students.

Because of this boot camp, rather than creating then implementing, I’m creating and implementing at the same time. And here are some…

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The most valuable truths are the ones most people don’t believe. They’re like undervalued stocks. If you start with them, you’ll have the whole field to yourself. So when you find an idea you know is good but most people disagree with, you should not merely ignore their objections, but push aggressively in that direction. In this case, that means you should seek out ideas that would be popular but seem hard to make money from.

Paul Graham in "Why Not To Start a Startup" 

This quote has me wondering to what extent we can apply this idea to politics where the goal is not to make money but effect social justice. 

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Start Before You’re Ready

Start Before You’re Ready

Life of a Project. jpg

The main lesson from boot camp this week was something I have been hearing a great deal for the past two or three years. Marie Forleo impressed it upon us at her last Rich Happy Hot Live event in 2012. Almost all the folks whose newsletter I subscribe to – from online business coaches to “conscious” entrepreneurs – have all written about this at one point or another.

“Start before you’re ready.”

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…We could bear any amount of nerdiness if someone was truly smart. What we couldn’t stand were people with a lot of attitude. But most of those weren’t truly smart, so our third test was largely a restatement of the first.

When nerds are unbearable it’s usually because they’re trying too hard to seem smart. But the smarter they are, the less pressure they feel to act smart. So as a rule you can recognize genuinely smart people by their ability to say things like “I don’t know,” “Maybe you’re right,” and “I don’t understand x well enough.”

Paul Graham, How to Start a Startup

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The friend zone is very real. We have all had someone we were close to that we realized we were crushing on in a big way - but we hated ourselves for it. As much as we hoped and prayed things would change for the better, many of us acknowledged that our love for the other person was going to be detrimental towards the relationship. The people in this kind of friend zone cry while watching romance movies or go out and get drunk and kiss strangers. We make sure to keep a respectful distance between the person we like and ourselves - we are distinctly afraid of fucking things up because of our shitty heart being a complete dickweed and doing the thumpy thing when it shouldn’t.

The Friend Zone is entirely false and is a complete invention made by boys who on one hand get angry if they think you’re soliciting sex by playing video games but on the other hand get angry if you are not soliciting sex just by breathing. The Friend Zone consists rarely of actual friends - instead it’s often people who stare at us in class and make us uncomfortable by constantly trying to talk to us while we’re obviously engaged in something else. These are the people who invade our personal space and aren’t afraid to talk dismissively about the things which we are passionate about - our faith in particular.

These are not kind people. Once I was in a hospital’s waiting room and a woman was quietly saying a prayer for her son. After a few minutes, several other people joined in, linking their hands and bowing their heads. The boy next to me began to talk loudly to me about how disgusting and juvenile it was and how amused he happened to be by the behavior of the “sheep.”

"I’m Catholic," I replied, looking into his eyes, "I think what they’re doing is beautiful."

He looked down my shirt. “You seemed more intelligent than that,” he snorted, “I should have known. Are you even reading that book or are you just skimming?”

I blinked. I wish I had said something like, “No, I’m just breathing in the words and hoping they stick,” but instead I just gave him a dirty look and tried to tune him out. He kept talking to me for the better part of an hour.

Eventually, he got around to asking me out for coffee. I wanted to explain I was waiting for my mother to get out of chemotherapy, that my family was poised on the edge of a terrible end, that I barely knew him and basically already hated him. Instead, I smiled sheepishly and said, “I’d rather not.”

"You bitch," he replied. I watched his face flare hot. "You sluts are all like this. You play hard-to-get faux-intelligent and you lead people on just to hurt them."

"I’m…?" I started. I was scared. He was in my face. His hands were curled into fists.

"You’re all like this," he repeated. At this point, a few of the other people in the room were staring. I was pressed against the side of my chair, trying to get as far from him as I could. He wouldn’t lower his voice. "You fucking friend zone all the nice guys and date shitty asshole men and then come crying to our shoulders when you need someone."

I am not a confrontational person. Panic bubbled in my throat. I felt tears jump into my eyes. I started stuttering again. I was really honestly positive he was going to hurt me - for no other reason than turning down coffee.

This is the difference between the friend zone and the Friend Zone: one is hating yourself for liking the other person. The other is hating the other person for not liking you.

A nighttime story about why the terrible deep Friend Zone, mostly written because about seventeen boys have asked what I mean when I complain about it. (via inkskinned)

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The riskier route


This past Tuesday was our first Orbital class. Class discussion was based around how technology is lowering the barriers for people to create and the transformative effect this is having on society. In short, the traditional “one job for life” paradigm is dead and people are instead creating…

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Hustle and Pivot


It’s hard out here for a novelist.

One of the hardest things is finding the audience for your book. While it’s becoming easier for writers to both publish and promote their works themselves, the majority of strategies touted by experts – especially those exploiting social media and other online technology – are geared toward non-fiction writers. Whether how-to, self-help or even memoir, there…

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